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Inner-Soul is all about boosting your inner confidence through treatment of your skin holistically to nourish, balance and enhance the best you through both nature and science. There really is something for everyone here xx

What is the meaning of holistic?
Holistic treatments are designed to deal with the person as a whole, taking into account background information such as mind state and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a problem. This is why your visit to Inner-Soul begins with a full assessment of your age, wellbeing, health and lifestyle, as well as the main skin or aesthetic issue.

How do I know what type of treatment I need?
It can be tricky to work out what type of skin we have and if it is unbalanced, what kind of treatment it needs. You may have spent lots of effort and money on skin products which you find are not working for you, and yet your issue could be partly due to a diet or lifestyle issue. Unless we address the root cause the problem will remain. A consultation with Emma will help to clear up any confusion about your particular problem and pave the way for a clear treatment pathway to happier, healthier skin and a more confident you.

What happens during a visit to Inner-Soul?
Emma carries out all assessments and treatments herself. Initially Emma will take a full history and then devise you an individual plan to meet your specific needs.

What chemical treatments are on offer at Inner-Soul?
Due to her nursing qualification, Emma is fully trained and insured to treat the skin chemically in a number of ways, including through use of aesthetic injectables and skin rejuvenation treatment including skin peels. Emma uses high quality product and always aims for a natural look for her clients. These types of treatment will smooth lines and scarring giving you a rejuvenated, refreshed look.
 Coming Soon: Chemical Skin Peels and Derma-Roller Treatment

What natural treatments are on offer?
Emma holds qualifications in aromatherapy and skin nutrition, giving her the knowledge to apply natural and organic extracts to nourish skin, whatever its needs at that time.  The Inner-Soul Signature Facial designed for Emma's individual clients, uses this approach and for use at home. Emma is also able to advise you on the best dietary and lifestyle approaches to help improve your skin.
Coming Soon: Natural Skin Kits To Use at Home


How does Inner-Soul natural skincare work?
Our skincare product origins are always based in science and are rich in natural molecules called antioxidants, found in certain plants and flowers. These molecules have scientifically proven benefits to skin, such as mild sun protection and prevention of free radical damage, which can lead to dullness and skin ageing. We are against animal testing and have only conducted studies on willing humans!!

What is a Flavonoid?
This is a type of antioxidant which give plants their colour - generally speaking, the deeper the colour, the higher the flavonoid content. Flavonoids effect our skin in many positive ways and are clinically proven to reduce inflammation*, protect from discoloration, and improve elastcicity** , whilst reducing the formation of skin wrinkles ***. Examples of Flavonoids present in our skincare products are Genistein, Catechin, Quercetin and Isoflavines, each bringing unique skin benefit.
*Heinrich et.al., **Janjua R, Munoz C, Gorell E, et al., ***Wei H, Saladi R, Lu Y, et al.

If you have any questions at all about Inner-Soul please feel free to contact Emma

Emma is a skincare contributor at beauty website GettheGloss.com and is often on-hand to dish out tips on caring for your skin in the most natural way.